In the era of the technological revolution, companies sought to build websites that make it easier for customers to buy and sell through the Internet, and help companies to spread and publicize their brand, and serve them in sales by allowing products to preview customers online and accurately explain the products or services, and this is what Create many programming languages that work on programming forms or templates for different sites and features can be included within the site.

What are the most important and most popular programming languages?

First is the Java language

It is a programming language created by James Gosling in 1992 and is a development of C ++, one of the most demanding programming languages in the labor market of large companies, and the most important features are the abundance of resources to learn and solve problems.

Second, the language of C

One of the oldest programming languages, designed in the early 1970s by Ken Thompson, Brian Kernigan, and Dennis Ritchie, C is the base language for many programming languages such as C #, Java, JavaScript and Python.

C # was designed to be used in the development and operation of the Unix operating system, and then has been widespread since then until today and this is demonstrated by its popularity among most computer programmers and through its many and varied uses.

Third language C ++

It is an object-oriented programming language, designed as an extension of C, and is generally used to build operating systems, entertainment programs and games.

Fourth language #C

It is a multi-mode programming language, developed by Microsoft as part of .NET initiators and led by Anders Hillsberg.

V. Objective-C language

It is also an object-oriented software language, developed in the world in 1986 and designed by Tom Love and Brad Cox, the language used in the Apple operating system and also used in the development of iPhone applications.

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